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All About Aquarius Rising Sign & Aquarius Ascendant In Astrology

Have you read the FAQ? Aquarius Rising. Thread Tools. Join Date: Jul Location: On a rollercoaster!

Posts: 1, Aquarius Rising I just want to know how many of us there are? Find all posts by smilingsteph. Looking to Jupiter Banned. Join Date: Mar Location: australia Posts: Re: Aquarius Rising Im an aqua rising too Find all posts by Looking to Jupiter. Re: Aquarius Rising I have a late rising, 26 degrees! Re: Aquarius Rising Lol SunConjunctPluto Member. Re: Aquarius Rising 3 degrees Aquarius rising, and Sun conjunct uranus and pluto in the 9th. Find all posts by SunConjunctPluto. Re: Aquarius Rising Hello! Find all posts by leslie Re: Aquarius Rising Just to let you folks know Re: Aquarius Rising no, its not me Gesso, but my dreads look like that Re: Aquarius Rising gesso, you have an aqua rising and sun in the 12th Julie Banned.

Join Date: May Posts: Find all posts by Julie. Re: Aquarius Rising Goodness Julie Re: Aquarius Rising Hi Kylie, I am not saying I want talons like that, although they might come in handy in a cat fight. Re: Aquarius Rising i cant see anything gesso. Originally Posted by gesso The closer your birthday falls to February 6, the more strongly you would be feeling the winds of change now.

Originally Posted by gesso Eclipses in Aquarius and Leo will continue to come by in , too.

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Originally Posted by gesso There will be four eclipses that will affect you - two in Leo and two in Aquarius. Find all posts by aquarius Re: Aquarius Rising Hi all Aquarius risings, Found some interesting stuff on appearance, mannerism etc, etc associated with Aquarius risings on the link below.. Join Date: Feb Posts: Re: Aquarius Rising Thanks Guesso for the posting! Join Date: Jun Location: A green and pleasant land.

Posts: 2, Visit archergirl's homepage! Re: Aquarius Rising I was just told today by someone I was "interesting" I guess we keep people on their toes, not quite knowing what to expect Finch Junior Member. Join Date: Jul Posts: 2.

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Re: Aquarius Rising Another Aquarius rising, here. Find all posts by Finch. Vardigon Member. Join Date: Jul Posts: Virgo rising would put her moon in the 1st house, which I just don't see.

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  • Madonna is about Madonna. A moon in the first house would fit her Virgo rising personality perfectly. I can see Virgo rising because not only is she a control freak, she's so obsessive about being thin and looking young and exercising way too much. That could be a Leo thing, but Leos are usually concerned more about looks and attention than health.

    Nine degrees is pretty wide for a conjunction but it is a luminary in a natal chart so astrotheme considers her having sun conjunct Uranus explaining her wanting to be shocking and provocative. Doesn't a first house moon just mean you have an expressive face and it's hard to hide your emotions? Also, her ex-husband Guy Ritchie is a Virgo. I guess his Mars is conjunct her sun exact even if her ascendant or moon don't aspect his sun. Some of these people allow the loosest orbs. Six degrees close enough for a sun-moon conjunction?

    The only thing that would make it weird for me would be her having a 12th house sun. She is too much of an attention whore and doesn't seem like she has suffered much at all. Maybe with acting or creativity or self-delusion. I don't remember her having a big drug problem or going to rehab but I guess an eating disorder or body dysmorphia might count.

    She's not really an underdog. With Virgo rising her 10th would be empty but her Midheaven would be Gemini so that could explain changing her look a lot and wanting the public to see her as youthful by dating younger guys.

    The Sun in Aquarius

    Neptune in the 3rd she'd want to express herself creatively and Saturn in the 4th would give her a strict upbringing. Check out Rick's take on Astrology below.

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