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You tend to focus on the team instead of the individual.

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You just need to do your job, and your team is sure to benefit. Keep it at that level. People born on December 23rd are selfless individuals. They take pleasure in seeing other people succeed, especially those they have helped. A person born on December 23rd is practical and realistic. He or she knows if something will not work or if the goal is unrealistic. Earth represents sensitivity.

Daily horoscope for Sunday, December 23, 2018

People who are influenced by this element usually think about how others feel. It also symbolizes permanence and commitment. Saturn symbolizes ambition and progressiveness. It also influences improvement and personal progress. Orange reflects the need of being with other people. It also represents the need of people to feel accepted and appreciated by a social group. People who are governed by this color also love to take on new challenges in life.

Being born on 23rd December puts you in the middle of the transition between the zodiac sign of Sagittarius — free-wheeling and carefree — and the zodiac sign of Capricorn, who is methodical, ambitious and proud. The rich red of this stone and the sense of prestige it exudes indicates you as someone who is going places, and with a fiery ambition behind your calm exterior.

The colour of garnet is also closely aligned with the root chakra, and with that comes a sense of anchorage to the physical world that lets you do your best work — as well as indulge in your most enriching of pleasures.

Your Holiday Weekend Horoscope For December 23-25, 2017

Consider giving it that last little spurt of energy to bring it to completion. This could involve a lot of time in the car or on the phone, but stick with it. You'll be glad you did!

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Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Until they hire additional help, they must accept the fact that less will be done. You only have two hands. Spending more time at home will be soothing. It feels good to put your feet up and let your hair down. Give yourself permission to nap, daydream and cuddle your pets. Reconnecting with your vulnerable side will be a relief. Taurus Horoscope for December 23 A strict moral code feels oppressive.

Just because you were raised according to a belief system does not mean you must maintain it. Adopt a philosophy that includes an appreciation of sensual delights. Stop suppressing your love of beauty and comfort; it gives life meaning. Collaborating on a project will be more fun than expected. You enjoy working with people who are willing to take risks. By offering each other continued support and encouragement, you'll produce something marvellous.

Sun enters Scorpio

Gemini Horoscope for December 23 Money from an insurance refund, legal settlement or royalty payment will be delayed. It will be necessary to live on a shoestring budget until these funds arrive. Instead of splashing out on expensive entertainment, be content with having fun at home.

Your compassionate nature makes you a good fit for a job with a charitable organisation. You should apply for this position, even if you lack experience. Your future employer will recognise you as a diamond in the rough. Prepare to be polished. Check out your horoscope for today: Daily Horoscope. Cancer Horoscope for December 23 Your best friend or romantic partner is raining on your parade. You can't bear their oppressive influence a minute longer.

Taking a solitary trip will give you a chance to reflect on this relationship. It may be time to go your separate ways. You long for a life of adventure. Being discouraged from expanding your horizons will undermine your zest for life. Don't let anyone steal your joy. Being alone is better than being saddled with a naysayer. Leo Horoscope for December 23 Your zest for life is flagging.

Scorpio daily horoscope – December 23 | Yasmin Boland

Normally, you're brimming with energy. This can prompt you to assume too many personal and professional responsibilities. When this happens, you become irritable. You long for sleep and find it difficult to pursue your favourite hobbies and sports. Stop agreeing to every request for help.

Delegate tasks to friends, roommates and relatives. Above all, make more time for romance.

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